Thursday, December 9, 2010


contributed by Terri

Nelson's grandma continues with her struggle between this life and the next. I went to see her on Tuesday. She slept the entire time I was there. She is definitely approaching heaven's doorway. The family has told her that we are ready to let her go. We talked with Grandma about who is waiting for her in heaven.

On Sunday, while Nelson's cousin was visiting with her, this is what happened (from her email to the family):

"Grandma was awake but much more weak, she was not able to speak very well although she tried a number of times. I thought her hands and arms felt a bit cold so I got her another blanket. After I placed the blanket on her she spoke so loudly it was practically yelling, "Glory to God, Glory! Glory to God, Glory!" Then she turned and fixed her stare on me and as clear as day she said to me, "You be happy. You be happy."

Yes, that is right: Glory to God, Glory! We do not know all that is going on inside Grandma's mind as she gets closer to heaven's entrance. But she has been an amazing blessing to us all as we get closer to the celebration of our King's birth.

Angels by Kathy Eppick

Nelson's Grandma started her new life in heaven on Wednesday at 5pm. She will be missed by many.

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