Friday, March 5, 2010

contributed by Andrea

you said that you love me
and you said that knowledge of this love would change me
would fill me
that i would have power, if only i knew

but i don't know.
and i'm so slow
to grasp it, and
watch it slip between my fingers once again
and fade
and i again am staggering alone,
when i know you are there,
but i forget to call out
or i'm trying to prove to you
something terrible and small.
in vain i work harder for your love
i want to show you that i'm worth it
that you didn't give yourself up for nothing
i'll make it worth your while Jesus.
i promise.

my God have mercy

and my worn-out heart wonders at the cross

that you would die for this broken child
so quickly puffed up, and so quickly deflated
this silly little girl, trying to prove something
to the one who never asked for proof

who so easily trips,
so quickly forgets
this love

1 comment:

  1. "the one who never asked for proof"

    so good so true. thanks Andrea.