Monday, March 29, 2010

Jesus, Prince of Peace

We prayed these prayers together at Artisan last night. Join with me in continuing to pray them this week.

Jesus, Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace,
humble riding on a donkey

disturber of the peace,
you upset bad religion
when it gets in the way of God.

upsetter of the self-righteous,
you turn questions on their head,
offering no instant answers,
but showing the way.

lover of the lost,
you say ‘forgive’
when we want to shout ‘condemn!’

host at the table,
you share your best
even in the face of our worst.

Savior of the world
…yes, even the world
which wants you
until it meets you.

Ride On Ride On

Lord Jesus Christ,
…over the broken glass of our world,
the rumours meant to hurt,
the prejudice meant to wound,
the weapons meant to kill,
ride on…
trampling our attempts at disaster into dust.
ride on,

ALL: Ride on in majesty

…over the distance
which seperates us from you,
and it is such a distance,
measurable in half truths,
in unkept promises,
in second-best obedience,
ride on…
until you touch and heal us,
who feel for no one but ourselves
ride on,

ALL: Ride on in majesty

…and through the back streets
and the sin bins
and the disdained corners of the city,
where human life festers
and love runs cold,
ride on…
bringing hope and dignity
where most send scorn and silence.
ride on,

ALL: Ride on in majesty

For you, O Christ, do care
and must show us how.
On our own,
our ambitions rival your summons
and thus threaten good faith
and neglect God’s people.

In your company and at your side,
we might yet help to bandage and heal
the wounds of the world.
ride on,

ALL: Ride on in majesty Lord Jesus
and take us with you.

Prayers from Stages on the Way by the Iona Community

contributed by Aimee

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